This web-based “structure” was constructed as a “digital home” for Greek Freemasons and those interested in Freemasonry, as regularly practiced by the Grand Lodge of Greece.

From its appearance in our country in 1811, until the present day, Freemasonry has been practiced by its members by promoting Virtue, Morality, and Justice; cardinal values we should all abide by throughout our lives.

Across the surface of our planet, Freemasons constantly endeavor in promoting a higher sense of morality, and spirituality for all mankind, on both an individual, as well as a collective level.

Freemasons highly praise the value of freedom of thought and conscience, and believe that all men are born free, and are entitled to the same rights as brothers and equals. This conviction does not distinguish any differences, be them spiritual, or material merits, social stature, nationality, race, color, language or religion.

Since its inception, Freemasonry has instructed its members in an experiential manner, and has encouraged them, through allegoric examples to disseminate to all mankind, messages of universal love, and mutual respect and acceptance, which are the sole means of self-actualization.

Freemasonry promotes the notion that progress results through an alignment of common human interests, collaboration, love, respect, and mutual acceptance; as a fraternity, Freemasonry ensures freedom of speech and thought, and furthermore promotes self-development.

Freemasonry is an experiential methodology that instructs its members in “building” their own view of the world through a higher sense of morality, in unity, harmony, and the eternal pursuit of knowledge.


Grand Master’s Proclamations